Manchester Pride has a long established reputation for presenting high calibre artists, be it at our flagship annual event The Big Weekend or at fundraising events throughout the year. And the Manchester Pride Spring Benefit is no exception when it comes to delivering a spectacular evening of entertainment from both local and internationally renowned artists. 



As one fifth of chart-mauling, award-winning, expectation-shattering girl band Girls Aloud, Nadine Coyle has already played her part in helping redefine pop. Under the watchful eye of experimental pop alchemist Brian Higgins and his band of merry men and women, aka production outfit Xenomania, Girls Aloud racked up a an incredible twenty-one UK Top Ten singles, twenty of those consecutively.  If each member of the band – who sashayed their way through a ten-year, five album career having launched on a now-defunct TV talent show in 2002 – had a role, then Nadine's was The Voice.

After a false start with Coyle's Xenomania-free 2010 solo debut, Insatiable, that dream is now a reality, with the ludicrously amazing new single Go To Work (her first release since signing with Virgin EMI), a high-energy, deliciously vampy ode to making your man work for your affections. This isn't Girls Aloud 2.0, or even Nadine Coyle 2.0, this, finally, is Nadine Coyle: The Solo Artist. As Nadine says: “We weren't trying to make it sound like Girls Aloud, we weren't trying to make it sound the opposite, it was just a blank canvas. It's exciting.

Fifteen years after her musical journey started, Nadine Coyle is back where she should be; creating gloriously off-centre, head-spinning pop songs to make people dance.

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Gok first came to fame in the UK as a fashion stylist and style consultant. He crashed on to Britain’s television screens with his infectious personality and deep understanding of style. Gok’s best known for his award winning, internationally acclaimed TV show, How To Look Good Naked.  Over the last decade Gok has presented a multitude of TV shows and documentaries about fashion, food and lifestyle, making him a unique, experienced and versatile TV presenter.

His on screen triumphs led to six book deals, including his autobiography Through Thick and Thin, as well as the accompaniment to Gok Cooks Chinese.

He crystallized his position as a true champion for women by creating his own women’s wear range for Sainsburys, now well into it’s 24th collection. Gok is popular with all generations and as a result has been a brand ambassador for a large number of commercial products over the years.

Gok has a large social media following, including over 1.7 million twitter followers. He is also a keen supporter of a number of charities including his role as Ambassador for the Princes Trust, and Stonewall.

Gok has always been a lover of all music genres, but in particular Gok has an extensive knowledge of 90s vocal house and loves playing sets to fun loving crowds around the UK. His music moto is simple - “Old Skool Always!”